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Consulting Programs focused on:

Website Effectiveness & Optimization 

Business Planning & Strategy

Business Management & Finance

Client Relationship Management & Lead Generation


Our Consulting Programs

We believe there is always room for growth and improvement. Our goals it to evaluate and provide solutions for the most pressing issues that can keep your business from continued growth, and efficiency.  

The focus of our consulting programs are focused on:

  1. Optimizing assets that you already have, including your website, social media & current book of business
  2. Making improvements in use of technology that will lead to additional sales and save time
  3. Identify areas of revenue leakage and above benchmark expenses to maximize your profits.

Our Consulting Process

Each program follows a four stage process, proven to give business owners the best possible outcomes and insight into the engagement.


The first stage of our consulting engagements focus on establishing a baseline and metrics to evaluate the current position. This process includes testing, observing, statistical analysis, market analysis, SWOT analysis and interviews. 

The data we gather in this phase is presented in a scorecard that will rank each area, showing current strengths and opportunities of improvement. These diagnostics are crucial to understand where you currently stand.


We will custom taylor one of our time tested programs to meet the needs for improvement based on our Discovery Phase. We will design a program that has recommendations on work that you will need to do on your own, and some that will be done by us.

Delivery & Implementation

Once we have revised the program designed to solve the challenges that being faced, we work with you to implement the changes. Our focus will be on the "gap of improvement" which will be the primary focus of our engagement. We will bridge the gap through implementation of our recommendations, and working with you to ensure sustained change.


Following the Delivery and Implementation stage, we will create systems and reports to monitor outcomes and trends.  We will make recommendations for tweaks or enhancements that become apparent in the data.

Is there an area that we can help you grow

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